Shifting Traditions: Wedding Trends Falling Out of Favor

Weddings are a reflection of evolving tastes and changing societal norms, with trends ebbing and flowing over time. Some beloved traditions are gracefully bowing out to make way for fresher, more personalized celebrations. Let’s take a closer look at five wedding trends that are bidding adieu to the spotlight.

Saving the Top Tier of Cake for the Anniversary:

Traditionally, couples would preserve the top tier of their wedding cake to enjoy on their first anniversary. However, in today’s fast-paced world, the logistics of freezing and storing cake for a year have become less practical. Instead, couples are opting to have a fresh cake made on their first anniversary that has the same flavor as their wedding cake. Many bakeries now offer this complimentary or added-on for a small fee when booking with them for the wedding.

Bouquet Toss/Garter Toss:

The bouquet and garter toss have been staples of wedding receptions for generations, believed to bring good luck to the next to marry. However, these traditions are losing favor as couples embrace more inclusive and modern approaches to their celebrations. Many find these rituals outdated or uncomfortable. Remember, your grandmother is watching! This is one tradition that EBJ is totally on board to say goodbye to.

RSVP Mail-In:

In the age of digital communication, the traditional RSVP card sent via mail is becoming a relic of the past. Couples are increasingly turning to online RSVP platforms, which offer convenience, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. These digital tools streamline the RSVP process, allowing guests to respond with just a few clicks, saving time and reducing paper waste. About half of EBJ’s couples choose to use an online RSVP in some way. Whether for all guests or offered along with a traditional mail-in card so guests may choose how they prefer to respond.

Registering for China:

For generations, registering for fine china was a rite of passage for newlyweds, symbolizing elegance, tradition, and future family gatherings. However, as lifestyles and priorities shift, couples are reevaluating the practicality of these heirloom pieces. Many modern couples prioritize experiences over possessions, opting to register for gifts that align with their unique interests and lifestyle, from travel vouchers to charitable donations.

As weddings continue to evolve, so too will the traditions and trends that shape them. While some customs may fade into memory, they pave the way for new traditions. In the end, what truly matters is not the trendiness of the moment, but staying true to who you are as a couple. Whether you choose to forgo these traditions or keep them, we hope you plan a day that is uniquely you and celebrates your union.

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