about EBJ & Company

—just to name a few.

And not just for you, but for anyone involved in this process with you.

Because we know that from the moment you get engaged, you and yours will be faced with questions and challenges.
And a brand new journey of dreams and decisions.

  • sounding board
  • designer
  • logistics manager
  • advocate
  • stress-lifter
  • peace promoter
  • and friend

In fact, by the time your wedding is over, we will have been your:

We aren't just your wedding planners.

We're here to take you by the hand, partner with you, and guide you every step of the way. 


“Casey was very helpful and took care of so many nitty gritty details, that I didn’t even know we needed to be thinking about. Casey handled our logistics and timeline and made planning a wedding while I was in school a lot less stressful.”

We show it in action.

We have your best interests at heart and deeply care about you and your wedding day.
We not only say that.


Unlike many planners who see your wedding as a way to boost their talents or take control, we see it as an opportunity to make your dreams come true- and make you feel good while we're at it.
We'll consistently encourage and support you through this process. And we're always available to walk you through the details, explain where things stand, and remind you why you're planning this day, to begin with.
And while yes, it's our job to advocate for you and make things happen, it's also our job to help you create an enjoyable experience. That means treating you, your friends and family, and your vendors with kindness and respect.

No matter what.

A positive PRESENCE


“Her patience and calm demeanor work perfectly with her organization and detailed approach to be exactly the person you want planning your wedding. Even the day of the wedding, she was cool, calm, and collected. I completely trusted her, and she delivered even more than we could have asked for!”

“Even the day of the wedding, she was cool, calm, and collected.”

Naturally, you don't want to worry or stress about how the details of your day will come together. And you certainly don't want to worry about what will happen if something is forgotten or goes wrong.

With us by your side, you don't have to.

We work hard to make sure every aspect of your day is on task, well organized, and thoughtfully planned. And we are mindful and communicative in sharing that plan with you. Because the more you know and understand, the more relaxed and confident you'll feel. So, share your wish lists, show up and make some fun decisions, and then relax and trust in our plan to make it all happen.



“ Casey proved time and time again that she was going to make everything happen flawlessly. Everything was finalized so far in advance that on the week of we were able to focus on being with our families and friends before celebrating.”

“I didn't have to worry about anything!”

Some planners only offer planning services. And some designers only provide design services.

We offer the best of both.

Because we know you want a seamless and beautiful wedding.
As planners, we naturally love dotting the i's and crossing the t's. But, we're also driven by the creativity and art of designing.
We've spent the last six years developing and honing our skills in each area—providing you with a creative and logistic eye for the big and small details. Whether we're perfecting your timeline or developing your design board, you can trust that our team is carefully paying attention to every last detail. And those details will be beautifully executed too.



"She immediately made me feel calm and quickly stepped in to manage vendor communications and all the little details up to our wedding day. After our first planning session, I felt confident that anything I hadn't thought of was taken care of."


EBJ & Company was founded in 2002 and initially named Events by Janie, after our founder Janie Varn.

In the Spring of 2017, after working with Janie for over eight years, Casey became our lead planner. As Janie transitioned to retirement, Casey became owner and officially launched what is now EBJ & Company in January 2019.

Since then, we've seen a few changes, but the founding principles remain the same:

A reputation FOR EXCELLENCE​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


"Make people's dreams come true."

When I was in college I scribbled in a journal what I wanted to do with my life.
I still have the handwritten note that reads,

At the time I never would have guessed that planning weddings would be the path I'd take to do that. But I'm so thankful it was. Because I truly believe that marriage is God’s greatest gift. And it deserves an amazing celebration.
Not just on the wedding day, but every day leading up to it —and beyond.


Casey Cannon

  • Playing with my daughters
  • Hanging with my husband, Nick
  • Learning more about my Enneagram One-ness
  • Jamming to Gospel music
  • Exploring my hometown of Franklin, TN

When I’m not planning weddings you can find me…


Thoughtfully planning your first day of forever.