Insights from Past Brides: Reflections and Advice for Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, with couples often navigating a myriad of decisions to create the perfect day. To provide insight and guidance for future couples embarking on their wedding journey, we’ve gathered anonymous reflections and advice from past brides who entrusted their special day to EBJ & Company for either Full Service Planning or Month-Of Coordination. Here’s what they had to say:

Investing Wisely

Many couples emphasized the importance of investing in key elements that would elevate their wedding experience. From hiring a planner and booking a live band, to capturing cherished moments with a videographer, these investments contributed to the overall magic of the day. For some, the value of these investments extended far beyond the wedding day itself, providing lasting memories to cherish for years to come. One bride shared, “we ended up booking one (videographer) last minute and at the time I didn’t see the point since we would have photos, but we watch our video every year on our anniversary now and I’m so happy I have it forever.

Sharing Regrets

Reflections on their weddings revealed various aspects brides wished they could change or do differently. Some expressed regrets about logistical issues, such as smooth departures from the venue or tight venue spaces due to weather conditions. Others mentioned overlooked details, like the need for bug spray to combat outdoor discomfort or a desire for more thoughtful consideration of venue lighting. Some brides also wished they had invested more time or effort into specific elements, such as ceremony music or floral arrangements, to better align with their vision.

In regards to when to book a planner one bride shared, “I think I would have liked to get my planner before locking in the venue/location. I do not regret going with [our venue] (it was gorgeous), but I think there may have been other venues out there that I didn’t know about that could have considered and may have been able to save some money on the venue and spend that other places.“ Overall, these reflections underscored the significance of meticulous planning and attention to detail in creating the perfect wedding experience.

Advice for Future Couples

Looking back on their wedding planning journey, brides offered valuable advice for couples embarking on their own planning. Communication, collaboration, and trust emerged as recurring themes, with couples encouraged to work together, communicate expectations, and trust the expertise of their vendors. Investing in a wedding planner was also highlighted as a game-changer, alleviating stress and ensuring a seamless execution of the day’s events. “Things will go wrong regardless of how much you prepare, but having a coordination team that knows your day as much as you do can totally change the way the day goes and calm your nerves over all.” It was emphasized to prioritize what matters most to the couple rather than adhering strictly to tradition, allowing for personalization and unique touches. Additionally, couples were advised to seek support through couples therapy if needed, and focus on celebrating their love and individuality on their special day. Overall, the advice underscored the importance of collaboration, flexibility, and trusting professionals to orchestrate a memorable wedding experience.

Most Vivid Memory

The most cherished memories from the wedding day varied, from walking down the aisle to intimate moments with loved ones. Highlights included the bride and groom enjoying alone time, the joy of dancing, and getting dressed up and taking photos. For some, their most vivid memories revolved around the ceremony. This included quiet moments with their father leading up to the ceremony, walking back down the aisle married, hearing their friends sing, or the entire ceremony itself stood out as particularly special. Our bride shared, “Our ceremony was my favorite part and hearing that the guests were truly spiritually moved by it. That was our most important goal.” Overall, these memories encapsulated the emotional depth and significance of the wedding day, ranging from intimate moments to shared experiences with loved ones. A private last dance was another moment that our couples remember distincly after such an incredible day.

Highest Valued Vendors

The vendors or services that provided the best value on the wedding day varied among respondents. For some, it was the wedding planner or coordination team, like Anna Claire and the EBJ & Company team, for their expertise in managing vendors and logistics seamlessly. Others highlighted specific vendors such as songwriters, the venue and location itself, photographers, or videographers for capturing cherished moments. They shared “The day does really go by so fast. Having the right people to capture the essence of the day was probably the best thing we did. I don’t think anyone will ever regret spending money to relive the big day.” Additionally, florists like LL Floral were commended for their ability to bring the desired aesthetic to life with rich and bold colors. Overall, the consensus was on the importance of investing in vendors who could capture the essence of the day and contribute to its smooth execution.

Regrets/Things to do differently

Reflecting on their weddings, multiple respondents expressed zero regrets, feeling they didn’t miss out on anything significant. “We had a amazing planner who literally helped us think of everything” However, others wished they had increased their budget to included certain elements or experiences. These included desires for fireworks, longer receptions to savor the moments with friends and family, drapery and lighting for ambiance, and additional soft seating for comfort. Some lamented not allocating more budget to specific aspects like videography or floral arrangements. Additionally, one bride mentioned logistical considerations like the desire to have been able to eat faster or at another time to allow for more socializing during dinner with her guests.

Parting Thoughts

In closing, brides and grooms expressed gratitude for the support and guidance they received throughout the planning process. The respondents emphasized the importance of not succumbing to pressure for perfection, advocating for personalized touches and trusting instincts while enjoying the planning process. They also shared the importance of communicating expectations with all vendors, and doing final walkthroughs with your planner. Expressing gratitude for exceptional experiences, they highlighted the excellence of various elements such as food, venue, flowers, and photography. Overall, they cherished their wedding experiences, crediting EBJ for their role in bringing their visions to life and ensuring smooth execution, emphasizing the significance of capable facilitators in making their special day perfect.

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